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Item you will need
    Plastic Bowls
    Paper Bags (big enough for the bowls to set in)
    Crepe Paper
    assorted goodies (listed below)
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What's in the bag?
This is NOT a project that little ones should do on their own... grab a parent and let them play along with you!

Set the bowls and bags out on your table... make sure you have plenty of space to work. Make up the desired Halloween brew items that you would like to use, and place them into the bowls (one item per bowl).


Goblin's Toes
    pickle-half.gif - 1063 Bytes The Toe... You can use Hot Dogs, or Cold Pickles... cut the hot dogs (pickles) in half.

    pickle-toenail.gif - 1071 Bytes The Toenails... Carefully cut a slit and slide a Almond Slice, or Pumpkin Seed into the slit. There... now you have Goblin's Toes... with toenails! Eeeeeuuuu!


Brain Gobs
    The Brain... Cook up some Spaghetti Noodles... once cooked rinse them off really good with COLD water. Add a little bit of water to the bowl, and then add the noodles... ooooooo ooooodles of noodles of brains!


Black Cat's Eyeballs
    The Eyeballs... Peel a few grapes (the ones with seeds are okay to use, or the canned grapes work good too). Peeling a grape is not easy to do... so be very careful with that sharp knife! Parents a MUST for this one! Put the peeled grapes into a bowl.


Witch's Warts
    pickle-half.gif - 1063 Bytes The Warts... Cut Olives in half and place them in the bowl. Put some of the olives in the bowl without cutting them for BIG sized warts!


Human Guts
    The Guts... Make up jello for your party... but... after the jello is set up... set some aside for this one! Take the jello, and place some into your bowl. Take a butter knife and cut it up so the pieces are smaller. ...uuuuu goo guts!


Now set the bowl into the bag. To help hold the bowl in place, you can put paper towels around the bowl.
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Once the bowl is in place, take the crepe paper and tear it up into 3 foot lengths. Put the crepe paper into the bag. Do not pack this tightly... just add a few loose pieces so people can't see what is in the bowl.
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You can add tags to the bags to let your visitors know what is in each bag. Click here to print the tags you can use to put on your bags. If you like, you could also add eyes and mouths to decorate your bags.
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You can use these as one of your games... or set them on a table to help decorate your party room, that way as your guest walk around, they can ... stick their hands in a bowl full of GUTS! Yuk!!!!!


Copyright 1999 Loraine Wauer Ferus