Pretty Roses! This may take a little practice... do not
give up... these ARE NOT suppose to be perfect roses!

Roll a little ball... then with your fingers, start to make the ball
shape longer... roll the clay in your fingers back and forth.

With your fingers... squeeze the clay so that it becomes flat.

Take one of the ends, and curl it (as shown)... then by moving
your thumb across the clay the rose bud will start to form.

Once you've got the rose the size you want... press the bottom
area with your fingers. Pinch off the excess clay.

Gently push the rose onto your heart. Add as many roses as you
like... you can even add small leaves. If after you've baked your
heart... a rose falls off... just add a little drop of super glue. This
glue works perfect for this clay.

If you don't want to use this as a necklace.... or magnet...
You can set your Rose Heart in a chocolate candy sleeve... it
would make a wonderful "keepsake" valentine's gift for
Special people in your life!


Copyright © 99 Loraine Wauer-Ferus