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Let it Snow

Winter Desktop Wallpaper

PlayTime 640x480 | Play Time 800x600
Winter Crystals 640x480 | Crystals 800x600

Click on the picture you want to use... it will take you to a new page.
When the larger photo has loaded onto your computer's screen,
click with your mouse's "right" button... when the little screen pops
up, select to SET AS WALLPAPER.

FREE Winter Screen Savers
SnowBall - Snowman | Winter Wonderland

Animated Snowman Jigsaw Puzzle
Let It Snow Jigsaw Puzzle

Winter Mazes
Mitten | Mouse | Boot | Skate | Snowman | Star | MORE

Winter Personilized Stationery
Print the Stationery | Envelope

When the stationery screen pops up... type in your name. To print - click on FILE (usually located in the upper left hand corner of your screen)... then click on PRINT.


Winter Scrapbook Page
Add your own Photos
ActiveX must be turned on for these pages to work.

Write a Tiny Title
Winter Snowman Storybook

Do the Snowman Stomp
...we'll show you how

Make a Snowman Snowflake!
6 Point | 8 Point (Easier for Little Ones)

JigSaw Puzzles & Slider Puzzles
Winter Puzzles & Arctic Amimal Puzzles

Play the puzzles online... or...
Check out our FREE downloadable Jigsaw Puzzles.

Snowman Dress Up
ScreenShot.gif - 12253 Bytes
Download the FREE PC Game

Online Winter Word Search Puzzle
Winter | Arctic Animals
JavaApplet browser required play - Netscape & IE

Arctic Animal Flash Cards
Print them... play with them

Snowman Desktop Critter
Check it out!

Do all Bears Hibernate in the Winter?
Bear information from our Animal Tickle Toes area
Asiatic - Black - Brown - Panda - Polar - Sloth - Spectacled - Sun - Teddy

Is the Koala a Bear?

Snowman Online Colorbook Page
t-snowman.gif - 2389 Bytes

snowman-dance2.gif - 3015 Bytes snowman-dance.gif - 3017 Bytes

Make a Snowman
PLAY GAME JavaApplet browser required to play - Netscape & IE

or... make a snowman (from our Christmas area) that you can make and put on your webpage.

Check out the
Florida Snowman
Click Here!

Snowman Door Knob Tag
You Color | Colored | Cute Picture

Learn to Draw a Snowman
Snowman Grid Art Drawing from our Drawing Lessons area.

Play Tic Tac Toe
Three Snowballs in a Row! You're the Snowball!

snowman.gif - 3869 Bytes

Make a Snow Angel
Dress Warm... Have Fun!

Make a Snowman
Jr makes a snowman & shows you how.

Snowball Fight!
ScreenShot.gif - 9189 Bytes
Download the FREE PC Game

ColorBook Snowman print and color.

Keep our Winter Birds Happy!
Visit our Earthday area for our Bird Feeder directions.

Teddy Bear Winter Bird Treats
Grab your cookie cutters and follow me!

snowman3.gif - 3884 Bytes

Make a SnowGlobe
...from our Christmas area. Take out the Santa, and add your own cute winter scene. See the SnowGlobe instructions.

Match the Snowmen
Print the Game Sheet 1 | Sheet 2

Print Winter Mazes
Maze 1 | Maze 2 | Maze 3

Print a Snowman Maze

Make a Calendar
Visit our New Years Page for Calendar Printouts!


snowmanline.gif - 1828 Bytes

Winter Links

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