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Getting Started... The Basics for Storybook Creation

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Getting Started... The Basics
Creating StoryBooks with NeoBook
from NeoSoftware

NeoBook v4

Open NeoBook. Click on FILE (located in the upper left hand corner of your screen)... then click on NEW. A screen will pop up asking what size and number of colors you want to use.
begin.gif - 13629 Bytes

Once you've made your selection... click on OK.



bars.gif - 1925 Bytes
You will now see a blank screen. The default setup in Neobook... you will see two bars... Object List and Tools.Click on TOOLS to open that screen.

This is the TOOLS area.
Tools.gif - 5794 Bytes



Don't know how to draw??? Check out our Learn2Draw for Kids


Tools-graphics.gif - 5950 Bytes
I like to start my StoryBooks with the graphics. The graphics are created in another program... I like to use Paint Shop Pro from JASC. You may use any graphics program you enjoy. To insert the graphics... they can be imported by clicking on the GRAPHICS button.


graphics.gif - 1430 Bytes
When you click on this button... hold down your mouse in the area where you want the graphic to set on the page (don't worry... if you don't like where the graphics are when you set them... you can move them at any time.) an outline will appear...

PicPix.gif - 16320 Bytes
... a screen will show up so you can select the graphic you want to use.

graphics2.gif - 2043 Bytes
When you select the graphic you want to use... click on OK.... the graphic will appear in the box you've drawn.

I don't want the gray area... or the outline... I just want the graphic.

In the TOOLS... click on the top button that says SOLID...
Tools-graphics2.gif - 6153 Bytes

Another screen will pop up... click on the H.
Tools-graphics3.gif - 8180 Bytes

The gray area will now go away.

To remove the line... click on the next area in the TOOLS box.
lines.gif - 6017 Bytes
Click on NONE. The line will go away leaving only your graphic.
theGraphic.gif - 1247 Bytes



Once the graphics are added... I like to add the TEXT next.

In the TOOLS box... click on the fonts area.
textBox1.gif - 16104 Bytes
Select the font and the size of the fonts you want to use.

To pick a color for your font... click on the font color area in TOOLS.
fontcolor.gif - 9356 Bytes

In the TOOLS box... click on the TEXT button.
Tools-text.gif - 5990 Bytes

Hold the mouse down... and cover the area where you want your text to be located. Don't worry about it being exactly where you want it... or even the correct size... you can change that at any size.
addtext.gif - 1642 Bytes

The TEXT screen will appear.
textBox.gif - 25646 Bytes
Type in the text you want to add.



TheBook.gif - 2216 Bytes
Viola... you've got the beginnings of a pretty good story book... created by YOU!

There is soooooo much more with NeoBook that you can do. You can add animations... hotspots... popup pictures... use NeoBooks HELP files... download programs from others to see what can be done with NeoBook... some even share their source codes for creating special pages... projects. Use your imagination to create wonderful story books that you can share with others.


Adding Sound to your StoryBook


Learn2Draw - Learn Animations


NeoBook comes with a very helpful User Guide when you purchase the program.



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