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NeoBook - Used to create our PC Windows Storybooks

NeoBook is needed for the file downloads (zip) to work... the program files (exe) will work without any other program.

  • Writing Storybooks...

    Getting Started... The Basics Beginning storybooks with NeoBook tutorial.

    Adding Sound to your storybook

    Purchase our Storybook Clipart use in your NeoBook Projects

    Royalty Free Photographs use in your NeoBook Projects

    Learn2Draw... Drawing Lessons


  • Links to Other Helpful Writing Sites

    A great resource for writing children's books... visit Bethany Roberts' Online Writers Workshop and Writing for Children

    Bruce Hale... How to write a story
      • Who is your main character?
      • What does he, she or it like/dislike?
      • What is your character's personality?
      • What does your character look like?

    WriterKorner - Articles, Tips and Tools for Writers-n-Waiting by Author Bonnie Bruno

    Poetry Writing... Writing with Writers

    Young Writer's Clubhouse

    Guide to Grammar and Writing

    RhymeZone... rhyming dictionary and thesaurus


    NeoBook Source Codes...

  • Kitty Cat Jigsaw Puzzle... We used Jim Brammer's Drag and Drop script as our base for this Jigsaw Puzzle. NeoBook 4

    Jigsaw Puzzle Files [about 124KB]

    Jigsaw Puzzle Program [about 770KB]

    30 Piece Puppy Puzzle Files [about 278KB]

    MORE Jigsaw Puzzle HELP
    Part 2 Puzzle HELP

    Puzzle Masks [about 165KB]
    4, 6, 9, 12, 20, 24, 30, 42, 63 & 80 pc masks to use for these jigsaw puzzles. PSP format. 500x375

    An Animated Version of the Jig Puzzle
    You can not make a gif animation transparent... so we use squares and rectangles to make these animated puzzles. Each piece is animated. I used a Free! program to create the pieces!... Easy to use! Download: Picture Clip by Link: Iron(FE) Works

  • KuKee Digital Camera... use Billy Bear's Digital Camera on your desktop... smile.. .snap your photo! NeoBook 4

    KuKee Files [about 188KB]

    KuKee Camera Demo [about 734KB]

    MORE KuKee Camera Information

  • ColorBook... Simple colorbook page used here in this sample. Click on color which goes into a pre-painted area of Billy Bear. NeoBook 4

    ColorBook Files [about 45KB]

    ColorBook Program [about 680KB]

    Ronnie's PlugIn used here...
    FREE ColorBook Program
    SandArt Color & Draw Program
    PaperDoll Design Studio
    Valentine Cards

  • What's Different Game ... Look at both pictures and pick what is different. NeoBook 4

    What's Different Files [about 60KB]

    What's Different Program [about 690KB]

  • Simple Tic Tac Toe ... toss away the paper and pencils and use this comptuer game. Ronnie's information helped with the creation of this game. NeoBook 4

    Tic Tac Toe Files [about 32KB]

    Tic Tac Toe 2 Files [about 32KB]
    This version is an upgrade from Gary Killops. It lets you play against Billy Bear.

  • Add an Applet ... to your NeoBook 4 projects/programs. Use this sample for your Java Script and Java Applet (html) projects.

    AddApplet [about 60KB]


  • neobookgraphic.gif - 6726 Bytes

    NeoBook Source Codes... Unless otherwise posted... the NeoBook .pubs I have posted... are free for the taking. They are examples of some of the things you can do with NeoBook. They are not intended as finished products, but for you to use... along with your own imagination and creativity to create your own NeoBook .pub programs.

    I've kept my graphics down to a limit for file size reasons... but some are included... Please do not use any of my artwork without my permission... thank you.


    Tutorial on Virtual Software Boxes & EBook Covers
    for your programs that you want to sell online.


    Visit NeoBook's MessageBoard for great information on NeoBook.


    PlugIns I use... created by: Ronnie
    Gary Duguay

    Some Scripting Code created by:
    Jim Brammer
    Gerhard Kropf
    Gary Duguay


    MAC users: CrossOver Mac 6.0 may allow you to run Windows programs at a resonable price. They have a trial version for Mac users.

    NeoBook produces true 32-bit Windows applications. Unfortunately, these applications are designed for use with Windows and are not compatible with the Macintosh. However, we've had some customers report good results running NeoBook apps on Macs using software emulators like RealPC. Once installed, RealPC apparently allows users to run many Windows applications including NeoBook on the Mac. ...Note from NeoSoft


    Need to translate to another language? Use Instant Translation from Please Note: this is an automatic translation... it is good for conveying the "gist" of your message... but it will not always be a perfect translation.


    PUB files 4 Sale
    Download EXE to view what the pub includes

    The grahpics are not to be used... they have been included so you can see how an object works.

    Greeting Card.exe
    PUB File - $19.95

    Other programs created by Loraine where NeoBook was used... source files not available.

    A List of all our Software


    NeoBook Programs created by others...
    Links to their sites

    Downloads for Teachers by Roxie
    eCards by James
    Spell-IT by Odd from Norway
    Photo Screen Saver
    2B Drive Sizer


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