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Paper Doll PC Game - Santa Claus

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Santa Claus Paper Doll Game

SampleSanta.gif - 6751 Bytes

KID's NOTE:Remember... it is important that you... Always ask your parents first BEFORE downloading anything from the internet.

Small enough to download on a Floppy Disk

Download Fee: FREE
Registration Fee: FREE for Billy Bear's Visitors
PC Windows Program


Business Edtion: $19.95

SidePix.gif - 23669 Bytes Drag and Drop to dress Santa paper doll. You can pick from several colorful outfits. Move the outfits to Santa to dress him up. You can even print Santa to play with him off your computer... you can print the sheet... or print the Santa that you've created... he makes a great bookmark to give as gifts for family and friends for Christmas.

Instructions: Download the exe program... click on the exe program to play the game. To uninstall... just delete the exe program from your hard drive. This program is small enough to fit on a single floppy disk... but... it will run slower than if put on your hard drive. This program will run slow on slower machines.

License to Use: You may use this program on your personal computer. Our work is not public domain, and should not be distributed in any form, in any media. Permission is NOT granted for this program to be downloaded from any other website. A review of our program, with a link back to our site is welcome.


Business Editon: We'll add your company name, and a link to your site. You'll be able to give this program away on your site. People love free downloads... bring traffic to your site during the holiday season.

Business Edition Registration: $19.95


Sorry... Business Editions are not available at this time. Due to family obligations, programs that have to be personalized individually are not being created at this time. We are not sure when these will be offered again.



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