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Pizza Party Page
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Pizza Party Safari!

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Download: winner-tiger.exe

PC Screen Saver... Win95, Win98 & NT in True Color.

Win3.1... can use the Screen Saver... but the colors will not
appear so nice due to the 256 color limit.

KIDS NOTE: Make sure you ask your parents before
downloading anything onto your computer!

Save the screen saver to your computer's hard drive. Remember
where you saved it! RUN: winner.exe, or click on the file
to install the self extracting screen saver. Read our HELP file for
more information about installing and un-installing this screen saver.

Distribution: is the only authorized distributor of these files.
They may not be distributed by any other means, including CD or websites. A link to this
page is okay if you'd like your visitors to know about this Safari Screen Savers.


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