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Pizza Party Page
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Pizza Party Safari!

Play to Win this Screen Saver!

Screen Saver Samples

Find our more about the Koala from Yahooligans
A Kid Safe Search Engine


PC Screen Saver... Win95, Win98 & NT in True Color.

Win3.1... can use the Screen Saver... but the colors will not
appear so nice due to the 256 color limit.

Don't you just love those glasses!?!
Billy Bear takes you into this Screen Saver filled with 6 great
photos and a cute animation to fill your computer's screen!

bullet2.gif - 1575 Bytes
Play the FREE Pizza Game & Win!

Don't forget to vote for your favorite animal. This gives us a better idea of the screen savers to make for you next time.

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Vote are tallied to show all votes
from this series of screen savers.


What is your favorite animal?
The Fish Bowl
White Gator
The Eagle


t-pizza.jpg - 5868 Bytes

Download FREE Pizza Party Jigsaw Puzzle and/or Slider Puzzle!


For MORE Pizza Fun... visit our PostOffice... and send your friends
a Slice of Pizza! We've even added Pizza to our ICQ Greetings too!

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