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Personalized Letters
Letter from Santa - Easter Bunny Letter
Tooth Fairy Letter

Help Santa, the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy by sending letters.
Check out a way to work at home for extra cash.

Download: BB-Letters.exe [about 3,200KB]
PC Windows Program

Registration Fee: Personal Edition Free for Billy Bear's Visitors


SidePix.gif - 29595 Bytes
The Personal Editon

Type in the personalized information... and viola... you've got a cute letter that you can print and mail to your child from Santa, the Easter Bunny and/or the Tooth Fairy. Personal Edition may be used to create non-profit letters for your own personal use. You can even print out personalized bookmarks to add as a special gift.

bookmark.gif - 6754 Bytes




The Deluxe Business Editon
may be used to make your own money...
...right from home.

Deluxe Secret Secretary - download version $24.95

Direct Download only... no CD orders
Don't have a PayPal account? Use
Download this program right away... no waiting!

While on RegNow... check out our affiliate program!


These letters (Halloween & Thanksgiving) are not included in the Deluxe Version.
Halloween Boo Gram ... letters from the Bogeyman!
Business Edition Only... $12.95

Thanksgiving Gobble Gram ... letters from Tommy Turkey!
Business Edition Only... $12.95


virtualboxLetters2.gif - 15530 Bytes Work from Home... Personalized Letters... Fill in the personalized area... print out the letter(s) you need... mail the letters (if your children are old enough... they can help you put stamps on the envelopes during the busy times). After looking on the internet... the price for these letters start at $2.95 and go up from there (the average being $4 to $5 per letter... plus postage). You may want to check out pricing and letter package ideas for yourself. Do a search on "personalized letters, santa letters, Easter letters, tooth fairy letters"

Letters to Santa (8 different letters on 7 different backgrounds)... the Easter Bunny (8 different letters) and the Tooth Fairy (2 different letters)

We've also included 30 clipart graphics to use on your website... or print to use for your holiday business. You can even use them on your business cards. Some have asked for our children clipart to use for their orders... we've included a sheet that you may use of the personalized children. You may use them for your orders on the internet. We've also included some information on the cgi script that some use for their order forms on the internet.

BEFORE purchasing... try the FREE copy first (download above) to make sure it works on your computer. Like with any store where you purchase software... once the software is open... there are no refunds once this program is purchased.

You can even use these letters on your website to help draw in more traffic by offering this service for free. How you use it... is totally up to you. From reading other web sites... those offering this service (by charging a fee) they've had to cut the service off at a certain date... either due to being overwhelmed with orders, or the date on which the holiday falls.

samplecartoon.gif - 79013 Bytes

Parents, grandparents... aunts and uncles... feel that the small cost is well worth the excitement the letter gives to each child. Just think of the smiles you can bring to kids all over the world by opening a business like this.

We've added a few tips to the Business Edition to help you get started with your new business. We've also weeded through the internet to find a few of the best Home Business websites that offer even more tips on running your Home Business... including message boards where you can learn from others... and you'll even be able to ask your own questions... we'll share those web site URLs with you.

stampNorthPoleSanta.gif - 4456 Bytes

The Advantages of Home Business... You don't have to pay rent, or overhead bills by having your business in your own home. You decide on the hours you want to keep. Your income depends on what YOU want to put in to it. Taxation... portion of your home are tax deductible when you have your business at home.

How do you get started? Start with this program... a program to create your own personalized letters. The letters in this program do have included on each letter that you print... this can be removed when you purchase the Business Edition for only $24.95. No special stationery is required... each letter comes with it's own colorful decorations. You'll need a computer, a colored printer, printing paper, envelopes and postage stamps.

You may also need "glitter" to add to the envelopes... this adds MAGICAL feelings.

stickers2.gif - 41067 Bytes Not only do you get the bookmarks that you can print and use as special gifts (like those in the personal edition)... but we've created theme sheets of stickers that you can use to add to decorate your envelopes... and even add as gifts when you send your letters. The stickers are only included in the Business Edition program. Use sticker paper that you can purchase from your local office supply store... or use the recipe for home made sticker glue that's included.

NorthPoleElfBadgeBB.gif - 10868 Bytes
You can start your own web site... and advertise your Personalized letters. From my experience on the internet... people enjoy personalized products. My holiday pages see high hits. This is a plus for creating personalized letters using this program. Post notes at grocery stores, laundry mats, anywhere where they allow you to post notes about your business. School Fund Raiser... share the profits for fund raisers.

Note: What a great way to be able to make extra money... and be able to stay at home with your children. Have fun... enjoy your venture... we wish you success! Remember this is YOUR business... what you make of it is up to how much you put in to it!

There will be no return on this program once purchased... that is why it is important for you to test out the BB-Letters.exe to make sure it works on your computer and it is a program you wish to purchase.


Deluxe Secret Secretary - download version $24.95
More letters, more options (you can even create your own letters using our background stationery... or use our letters on your stationery)

Personalized Letters - Business Edition - Halloween - $12.95
Includes Personalized Letters, choice of character drawings, bookmarks, stickers, certificates, jigsaw puzzle pictures and coloring pages ... all in a Halloween theme.

Personalized Letters - Business Edition - Thanksgiving - $12.95
Includes Personalized Letters, choice of character drawings, bookmarks, stickers, certificates, jigsaw puzzle pictures and coloring pages ... all in a Thanksgiving theme.

Deluxe Edition, Thanksgiving & Halloween Package - $45.85
Save $5.00 when you purchase all three programs at one time.


This is an internet transaction. Nothing will be mailed to you by postal mail. The program's url for download, will be emailed to you.


The address for the North Pole postmark is:

North Pole Branch U.S. Post Office
325 Santa Claus Lane
North Pole, Alaska 99705-9998

Put your letters in a large envelope... send them to the North Pole to have them stamped. This will take at least 7 to 8 days. What we like to do is create a stamp that says North Pole... and stamp the back of the envelope... right where the seal is. This way the kids can see this stamp when they open the letter. This also saves time on mailing... sending to the North Pole can take a long time.



MORE Programs for your Home Business
Being able to work from home is great! I've been a stay at home mom for 7 years. Now... being a grandmom! I am able to spend more time with my Grandbaby!


Program Instructions
Download the exe file... remember where you saved it. Run the exe file to run the game. To un-install the program... delete the exe file.

License to Use: You may use this free program on your personal computer for your own non-profit personal use. Our work is not public domain, and should not be distributed in any form, in any media. You can let others know that they can download their copy from... A review of our program, with a link back to our site for download is welcome. Downloading from another site, is not permitted.


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