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Print Scrapbook Goodies - Goodie Pockets

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Print Scrapbook Goodies - Goodie Pockets
Click on the picture to take you to the order page, and a closer look at the goodie page.

Print them over and over again... print as many pages as you'd like!

These are great to paste to your scrapbook pages (and/or greeting cards) to hold lil' goodies that you collect along the way. Great for... First Hair Cut... Flowers that your are given (press the flowers, and keep them in the goodie envelope forever)... lil' love notes... and so much more.

Print... cut... fold... paste. A few simple steps and you've created your Memory Pocket.

ttEnvelopeSheet01.gif - 5930 Bytes
ttEnvelopeSheet02.gif - 5427 Bytes
ttEnvelopeSheet03.gif - 5454 Bytes
ttEnvelopeSheet04.gif - 5387 Bytes
ttEnvelopeSheet05.gif - 5387 Bytes

ttEnvelopeSheet06.gif - 5930 Bytes
ttEnvelopeSheet07.gif - 5427 Bytes
ttEnvelopeSheet08.gif - 5454 Bytes
ttEnvelopeSheet09.gif - 5387 Bytes
ttEnvelopeSheet10.gif - 5387 Bytes

ttEnvelopeSheet11.gif - 5387 Bytes
ttEnvelopeSheet12.gif - 5387 Bytes
ttEnvelopeSheet13.gif - 5387 Bytes
ttEnvelopeSheet14.gif - 5387 Bytes
ttEnvelopeSheet15gif - 5387 Bytes

ttEnvelopeSheet16.gif - 5387 Bytes
ttEnvelopeSheet17.gif - 5387 Bytes
ttEnvelopeSheet18.gif - 5387 Bytes
ttEnvelopeSheet19.gif - 5387 Bytes
ttEnvelopeSheet20.gif - 5387 Bytes

ttEnvelopeSheet21.gif - 5387 Bytes
ttEnvelopeSheet22.gif - 5387 Bytes
ttEnvelopeSheet23.gif - 5387 Bytes


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License to Use: You have purchased this copy to use on one comptuer. You may print as many pages for your own personal use. The printed page is not public domain, and should not be shared with others for free or for profit.

You may use our work to create your own projects. These may be given as gifts or sold as profit. Example: If you create Scrapbooks for others, you may use this printed sheet to add to the scrapbook and charge for your work. You may not sell copies of the individual prints, and/or printed pages.


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