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You will need your parents for this area of our site!

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You'll find over 200 original screen savers on our site... built right here at Billy Bear's Playground. Great and Safe for the Kids... and we are sure (okay... we "think") Adults will find them enjoyable too!

    Billy Bear's Storybook Screen Savers
Win3+, Win95+, WinNT
[NOT Vista]
Registration Information

Fun screen savers, with animations, characters that bounce around your screen... the holiday screen savers, like the one for Halloween... even has a flying witch... ooooo spooky! You'll find 10 FREE screen savers in the storybook screen saver collection! Most of the other screen savers only cost $5.00 each... you may download and try these screen savers... and if you like them, please don't forget to register!

To Install... run the .exe program, it will self install the screen saver for you. To Un-Install... go to your WINDOWS directory... you will find the NAMEOFSCREENSAVER.SCR. Next, you want to find the WINDOWS/SOFTDISKS directory... that is where the files will be for the storybook screen savers. Delete the files you find there.

Visit our FREE Weekly Wallpaper & Screen Saver area. We've also added Win an animal Pizza Party Safari screen saver... Contest where you can win every time!

 Storybook Screen Savers
  Winner [1]
  New Years [1]
  Birthday [4]
  Valentines [7]
  Victorian Valentine [1]
  St. Patricks [2]
  Easter [2]
  Mom & Dad Day [2]
  July 4th [1]
  Halloween [5]
  Thanksgiving [3]
  Christmas [5]
  Hanukkah [2]
  Kwanzaa [2]
  Stickers [4]
  Toys [4]
  Animals [7]
  Misc [5]

The Rainforest
Paper Doll
FREE Macaw Parrots
FREE Parrots
FREE Bear Family
FREE Panda Bear
FREE Koala & Baby
FREE Dolphin
FREE Giraffe & Baby
FREE RedEyed Frog
FREE MardiGras
FREE Hummers
FREE Hot Air Balloons
MORE FREE Screen Savers


    SlideShow ScreenSaver
Win95+, WinNT
[NOT Vista]
Order many ONLINE! [$]
SSW Registration Information

SSW SSW This is a wonderful program ... you get the slideshow screen saver AND the photos to use as your computer's desktop wallpaper... all in one easy to use program It does not matter what size monitor you are using, you can set the screen saver and wallpaper to fit the entire size of your screen! ...640x480 - 800x600 - 1024x768 Screen Saver built in True Color. I have not tried this on Win3.1

You can also choose how often to cycle your wallpaper (in hours, days or weeks, or never). The wallpaper images are automatically optimized to save memory and disk space.

UPDATED: Many no longer carry the wallpaper.

 ScreenSaver & Wallpaper
  [$] Baby Elephant
  [$] Carousel
  [$] Christmas
  [$] Christmas Victorian
  [$] Fall Harvest
  [$] Nativity
  [$] Roses
  [$] Teddy Bears
  [$] Valentines
  [$] Valentine Bears
  [$] Winter Birds

FREE Wildlife Squirrels
FREE Animal ZOO-pa
FREE Land O' Dinosaurs
FREE Niagara Falls
FREE Get Wet at Niagara

No Wallpaper
You can find wallpaper to use on our Desktop Pages

FREE Toledo Zoo
FREE Roses
FREE Butterfly
FREE Orchids
FREE Amish Country
FREE Amish at a Distance
FREE Amish at Home


    Desktop ScreenSaver Program
Win95+, WinNT, WinXP
[NOT Vista]
desktop-ss.gif - 12309 Bytes

These cute little screen savers appear on your computer's desktop... right over the screen you were working on. Some bounce off the sides of your screen... some bounce like a basketball... some splatter all over your screen.

A large update was done on these screen savers July 2005... they now work on WinXp. All the old files are gone... and we are working on all new screen savers. Enjoy!
FREE Desktop ScreenSaver

Father's Day
Father's Day Tie
Father's Day Girl Angel 01
Mother's Day
Mother's Day Girl Angel 01
Mother's Day Girl Angel 02
Frogs & Red Eyed
Zebra Bounce
Love Dragon
Easter Bunny
Easter Chicks
Fall Harvest
Ghost Float
Bear Ghost
Fun Fun
On Holdiay - Mickey
On Holiday - Goofy
On Holiday - Rozi
Back to School
Ballet Dance
Dragon Bounce
Buggy Bounce



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