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Scrapbook... save a Memory

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We like to use a notebook for our Scrapbook. We create a page, and put it into a plastic protector sleeve. Print your pages on Acid Free Paper. You can print out our clipart pages with scissors and glue them to the pages... we like to use the Acid Free Glue Sticks.

We like to use computer programs to create our pages... this way we are NOT using the original pictures.. instead we use scanned photos or photos from our digital camera.

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Open our Scrapbook Program... pick which paper you would like to use. If you pick the paper where you insert the photo... click on the 1st button... Add a Photo... #2 click on the arrow buttons to move the picture where you want it to set... then #3... click on PRINT to print the page. Another screen will pop up... find your photo.

We suggest that you save all your photos in one directory (if you have lots of photos... create sub-directories)... this way you won't loose track of where you saved your photos. Select the photo you want to add to your scrapbook page.

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Select the photo you want to add to the page. Sometimes ... I don't know why... the entire picture doesn't show up... but... it is there. When you click on the arrow keys to move the photo... the photo will appear. When you print the page, the words, the arrows and the PRINT button will not be on your printed page.

printpreview.gif - 22219 Bytes
When you click on the PRINT button... you can click on PRINT PREVIEW... there you will see the entire picture show up. Click on PRINT. If for some reason you still don't see the entire picture... select to CANCEL... then reload the picture again.

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Print out the clipart sheets. Cut out the clipart... we like to keep a small white border around our clipart. Kids... do not use the scissors unless a grown up is there to help you.

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After you've cut out your clipart... glue it down to the pages. We use an Acid Free Glue Stick for our work. Once you've added the glue to the back of the clipart, turn it onto the paper and press down. This glue sticks good.

PutItTogether.jpg - 11059 Bytes
When you are done with your pages... slide them into a protective plastic sleeve. Then put them in a notebook. We like to use notebooks... because you can add as many memory pages as you want to... when it gets full... then we get another notebook. It takes a long time to fill a notebook.

This Scrapbook will be filled with my grandbaby's memories! Big Smile! What memories do you want to keep in your scrapbook?

You can put a clipping from a first haircut... or best haircut... photos of the haircut too. Glue postcards from a family trip... or print a postcard you've received from the internet friend and glue it to one of your pages. Make copies of your report cards... or a test you are really proud of ... add them to Your Scrapbook. When you take a field trip with your school, or family... grab... a map, tour guide papers to put in Your Scrapbook. Cut out newspaper clippings... about you... about your friends... about things that are happening in the world around us.

Scrapbooks are wonderful ways to save your memories... express your feelings... they are fun to look at now, and in years to come. Use an ink pen, usually black shows up good... to write stuff down that you would like to remember... or put silly comments by the photos to make you giggle.

Moms and Dads can help... Grandparents too... they can give you guidelines... but most of all ... this is YOUR Scrapbook... so you have fun with it using your creative thoughts to make this book special. Have fun filling the pages to YOUR Scrapbook!


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Learn to Draw your own pictures for your scrapbook

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Use our FREE Kid's Fonts for your Scrapbook



Scrapbook Programs
Country Teddy Bears | Kid's Memory | Wild Animals | School Daze


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