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Printing Questions
...for use with our Programs


Q: My pages are printing in black and white, not color. Why?
A: Check your printer settings to make sure they are set to color printing. If they are, you may need to update your printer's "driver". You can do this by visiting your printer's company on the internet to download their newest printer driver for your computer. If you do not know where your printer company is on the internet... do a search for the brand name.

Q: When I am printing, all that comes out are blank pages. Why?
A: When this happens here, it is due to low memory. To increase available memory... turn off other programs that are running. Sometimes you will have to reboot your computer to restore the memory needed in your computer and printer.

If this does not work, turn off your printer... then turn it back on. This usually clears out the printers memory.

Q: The pages are printing small. The PaperDolls are only about 2 inches tall. Can this be fixed.
A: The pages for the scrapbooks should fill most of the page. The PaperDolls should be about 5 inches tall when printed. Check your printer settings. Do this by clicking on FILE... then click on PRINT SETUP (or Page Setup)... check your margin settings. Mine are set about 0.75" borders.

A #2: Some of the printers/computers/window versions may print the paperdolls too small... suggestion... create your paperdoll... then... on your keyboard (usually located near the top - right side - you'll find a key that says PRINT SCREEN or PrtScn... click on that key to capture your paperdoll. Open your GRAPHIC EDITOR... click on EDIT, then click on PASTE. Your paperdoll should appear. Click on FILE... then click on PRINT. Your paperdoll should print at a larger size.

Q: When I print the PaperDolls, only the left side of the doll prints.
A: Your screen resolution may be set to at larger size... 1024x768. The programs were created with 800x600 sized resolution.

Q: I'm still having printing problems. I don't have any problems with other programs, only yours.
Q: Your pages start to print, then it stops.

Another thing you should try is updating your printer's driver. Visit your printer maker's site and download the most recent driver for your printer. You will find HELP for the driver information on these sites for your printer.

HP - Epson - Lexmark - IBM

Our programs have been tested on several printers. We have not had any problems printing before the programs release. NeoSoft... maker of the NeoBook program, and their support group have even tested the programs on their computers/printers. (NeoBook is the program I use to create my storybooks and most of other programs)

Some are having problems with their Lexmark printers... check out Lexmark Technical Support. Upon checking some of the forums ... using Google Search... I've noticed noted problems with Lexmark Z32 and Z35 printers and the USB connections between Lexmark and Windows. PLEASE... Make sure you test our demos before purchasing any of our programs.

HP Printer... check out Support & Drivers for help with your printer.

UPDATE July 11, 2003 We have started updating many of our printing programs. A BIG Thank You to Dave from NeoBook for creating a way to work around Lexmark's printing faults. We have started updating the Billy Bear programs.



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