Using our Backgrounds
for your Email's Stationery

Instructions for Outlook Express (the emailer program that comes with the Internet Explorer browser):

Download the background that you want to use for your stationery. Save the background in your C:/ProgramFiles/CommonFiles/MicrosoftShared/Stationery directory.

To add more stationery styles to your collection, click Tools (top bar area), when this opens, click on Stationery. A new window will open... click This Stationery (the little circle). Click the Select button... you can pick from the stationery listed there. To bring up the stationery that you saved in the Stationery folder/directory, click on Browse, when the screen opens, click on the background you saved.

When writing an email, open your email to write as you normally would... then click on Compose, then click on New Message using... the list of available stationery will show up. If the background you saved is not listed here... click on More Stationery. Then select the background that you saved to use for your stationery.


Instructions for Netscape 4+ Email program

Download the background you wish to use as stationery. Remember where you save it. You can set up your Netscape Emailer to create your email in an HTML editor. Do this by... opening your email program... click on Edit, then click on Preferences.

On the left side... double click on Mail & Newsgroups, then when the list appears under this... click on Formatting. The screen on the right will change to the Formatting information.

On the right side of the screen... in the top area, under Message Formatting... click on the circle for Use the HTML editor to compose messages. Under the section where it says When sending... click on the circle for Send the message in plain text and HTML. We suggest this option, just in case the person you are sending the email to someone who doesn't have a browser/email program that allows them to view graphics.

Change Stationery ... Open your email editor, click on File, move your cursor to New... then click Blank Page.

Go to Format (on top bar area), then choose Page Colors and Properties.

Next go to Use Background Image, Click on the browse button and navigate to the Stationery folder on your Desktop.

Open the folder and choose the stationery that you want to use by clicking on it, then click the open button. Now click apply. Then click Save these settings for new pages (you will find this at the very bottom).

Next time when you go to create your email... then you will be able to send our backgrounds as your stationery. When you wish to change the stationery just follow the above steps in the change stationery section.


License to Use: You may only use the backgrounds that we have made available in our Clipart area. No other backgrounds from our site may be used. You MUST download the backgrounds to your own computer... you may NOT direct link by pulling the background from our server. Backgrounds/Stationery is for personal use only, not be used for profit in any form. None of it is to be included or made available for download from other sites, collections of any kind.


Copyright 1999 Loraine Wauer Ferus