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DO NOT direct link using my server. I don't mind making them
for you to use for FREE... but I will NOT pay to let you use them.
Download them to your computer then Upload them to your own server.

To save for WebPage background... right click with your mouse
on the background picture. When the little screen pops up,
select to SAVE. MAC users, hold your button down for a
few seconds until the screen pops up, then select to SAVE.

License to Use...
You may use these backgrounds on your personal web pages. It is required to add this information to each page where the backgrounds are being used.

-------- cut & paste -------

<a href="">Background Copyright
© Loraine Wauer Ferus</a>

------- end of cut & paste -------

You can NOT redistribute the artwork by placing or using them in a clipart collection of any sort. You can NOT change or alter any of the backgrounds. You may NOT place or use them on a commercial web site were you intend to make money. Sites that have banner ads, are considered a commercial site. If you wish to purchase a license to use these backgrounds on your commercial site, visit our registration page for prices.

This clipart is NOT to be included in any clipart collection.


Copyright 1999 Loraine Wauer-Ferus