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Victorian Clipart - Lines

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Victorian Clipart - Lines

Click on the artwork you would like to save to your hard drive with
your "right" button. When the little screen pops up, select to SAVE.
Remember where you saved them.

lace-line-blue-red.gif - 20389 Bytes

lace-line-green-red.gif - 20943 Bytes

lace-line-purple-red.gif - 23582 Bytes

lace-line-teal-red.gif - 22898 Bytes

lace-line-yellow-red.gif - 24258 Bytes

License to Use...
You may use this artwork on your personal web pages. Not to be used for
profit, or placed on a web page intended to make money.

Use this required link on the page where it is being used.

<a href="">
Some of the artwork is Copyright</a>

This clipart is NOT to be included in any clipart collection.


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