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Web Page Generator

Follow the 12 easy steps to create your very own Web Page! When you have finished with steps 1 through 9, click the "Test HTML" to see what your web page looks like. This Web Page Generator makes a very basic web page... but it is a GREAT way to begin learning about HTML.

STEP 1: Your Name:
You do not have to use your real name here... you can use a nic-name instead. (It's a good idea to use a nic-name on the internet.)

STEP 2: Your eMail address:
Make sure you type in your correct email address... yourname@server.com

STEP 3: Document Title:
What would you like to call your web site.

STEP 4: Backgroud Color:

STEP 5: Text Color:

STEP 6: Heading:
Say something really cool here! EXAMPLE: "Welcome to my Home Page!"

Center it: Yes No

STEP 7: Select a logo to display at the top of page:
You can pick from one of these pictures to use. Download it onto your computer... place your mouse's cursor over the picture you want, then click down with your "right" mouse button. A little screen will pop... select SAVE PICTURE AS. Don't forget where you saved it, you will need to know where you saved it for this next question.

Graphics on the Internet... you shouldn't take graphics from other people's pages. Most pictures are copyrighted by the people who created them. These pictures here were drawn by Loraine, and it is okay for you to use them on your web page that you created here. When your page is done, at the bottom there is a link back to BillyBear4Kids.com, this link must remain on your web page.

When you click on this button, a screen will pop up... find the picture that you decided to use on your webpage.

Center image: Yes No

STEP 8: Heading :

Center it: Yes No

STEP 9: Enter text body:
Center image: Yes No

What do to next... after you've made your Home Page...

STEP 10: When you click on the Test HTML... this will take you to your finished page. Click on FILE (usually located in the upper left hand corner of your computer's screen), then select SAVE. Save that page (this is called your HTML page) and the picture you saved in the same directory.

STEP 11: Using the "bear picture" for an example... Your HTML will have a line that looks something like this one ...
<img src="file:///C:\wepage-maker\bear-a.gif">
To have it work correctly on the internet, you need to... open a text editor, and change it to this...
<img src="bear-a.gif">

STEP 12: Take your HTML page that you just created, and the image that you saved... upload them both to the location of your choice [GeoCities, Anglefire, Tripod, etc] Then write to all your friends and tell them to come visit your Web Page!!!


Web Page Generator used with permission Copyright Kevin Meltzer
Graphics Copyright 1999 Loraine Wauer-Ferus
Billy Bear 4 Kids.com