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Create Personalized Candy Bar Wrappers software program,
what a great party favor for your child's birthday or favorite holiday.

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Create Candy Bar Wrappers
Personalized with the information you add!

Link to...
Mini Candy Bar Wrappers

Create Personalized Holiday Candy Bar Wrappers

Holiday Candy Bar Wrappers
DEMO version: Download: Create-A-WrapperSAMPLE.exe

TitleSampleSide.gif - 32367 Bytes You can start up your own Candy Wrapper business without a huge investment!

Type in the name you want to add... type in a short phrase... viola... create a personalized Candy Wrapper. But... it doesn't stop there. Add your own photos... or the clipart that we've included. (will be found in the same directory where you put this program... it appears there when program is running).

This is the Holiday Candy Wrapper version... includes... Birthday, It's a Girl, It's a Boy, Twins, Valentines, St. Patricks Day, Easter, July 4th, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and a Blank.

Make great gifts... Kids LOVE to make these special personalize gifts for their friends. You can add them to a goodie bag... use them to promote your business... make announcements... introduce a new product... share a memory... make a nice holiday personalized treat... a nice way to say thank you! Makes a nice keepsake for a child's album, memory book... scrapbook. You can add clipart... or your own photos. Use them for your business and add your customers photos... or their child's drawings.


Cost $14.95
PC Windows Program
Average Sized Candy Bar

Link to...
Mini Candy Bar Wrappers

Program Instructions
Download the exe file... remember where you saved it. Run the exe file to open the program. If you want to delete it from your hard drive... delete the exe file.


License to Use: This program has been purchased by one user and may be used on one computer. You may use this program to create as many wrappers for profit as you wish. Our work is not public domain, and should not be distributed in any form, in any media.



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